Journalist, TV Presenter Sacked For Suggesting 5 Million Muslims of France Be Deported

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DTT comment: Islamophobic bigot Eric Zemmour, has been sacked for suggesting that the 5 Million Muslims in France be deported.


France: French Journalist Suggests Deportation of 5 Million Muslims

Rabat – French Journalist Eric Zemmour sparks controversy once again.

In an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere Della Serra, the essayist, whose remarks often dubbed as racist, xenophobic and sexist, talked about a potential deportation of Muslims from France.

He said that Muslims’ tendency to isolate themselves in the suburbs and only live with each other will eventually lead to “chaos and civil war.”

Asked whether he would suggest deporting 5 million French Muslims, the controversial French journalist replied: “I know it’s unrealistic, but history is surprising.

“Who would have said that in 1940 almost a million Pieds-Noir (literally meaning Black-foot, a term referring to people of French and other European ancestry who live in French North Africa), twenty years later would leave Algeria in order to return to France?”

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