Moeen Ali’s Father Blasts ‘Disgraceful’ Abuse By Indian Fans

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DTT: It is reported in the media that the England batsman, Moeen Ali endured a torrent of abuse due to his Pakistan heritage and being a Muslim man. Indian fans abused him as a result of his heritage. Moeen Ali’s father was furious and called it disgrace, and they should be ashamed of themselves for the things they were hurling at his son, Moeen Ali.

by Nick Mashiter –

Moeen Ali’s father has hit out at the abuse directed towards the England all-rounder and labelled it “disgraceful”.

The Worcestershire cricketer was subjected to booing by some of the Indian support during England’s T20 win over them at Edgbaston on Sunday.

A complaint of racially motivated abuse from a member of the public has also led police to classify it as a “non-crime hate related incident”, various reports said.

Moeen’s father Munir believes the booing had racial undertones and insisted the Birmingham-born spinner should not have to contend with any abuse.

“We are very disappointed with what happened. It should have been a special day,” he toldESPNcricinfo.

“Moeen was playing for his country in the city of his birth. It is the city I was born in and the city my mother was born in. The whole family was looking forward to it and we thought he would receive a warm welcome.

“Instead he was abused from the start. He was abused because he is a Muslim and because of his Pakistan heritage. That is disgraceful.

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