A Muslim Was Subjected To Racist Abuse

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By The Southern Reporter

A building site labourer hurled racist abuse at a Muslim who was walking along a Galashiels street on Saturday night.

Carl Page was at a party in Church Street and standing on a balcony having a cigarette when he launched the tirade which was heard by people living in neighbouring properties.

Page, 32, of Talisman Avenue, Galashiels, appeared from custody at Selkirk Sheriff Court on Monday when he was fined £200 for behaving in a threatening or abusive manner and making racist comments, and was also ordered to pay £100 compensation to the man he abused. He pleaded guilty.

Prosecutor Tessa Bradley said Page turned up at the party around 7pm, apparently under the influence of alcohol.

Ms Bradley explained at about 10.15pm he was standing with a woman on the balcony having a cigarette when the man walked past on the pavement.

She added: “He noticed the accused shouting at him, but could not understand what he was saying and ignored him. But to get to his flat, he had to walk past the accused standing on the balcony and as he passed, Page made a racist comment, and the woman having the party told him he would be asked to leave if he persisted.

“At this point he attempted to apologise, but another witness heard him swearing and shouting, ‘Muslim b******s’.

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