Australian Police Investigating ‘Terror Maps’ Found In A House

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DTT Comment: Another non-Muslim terrorist not mentioned in the mainstream media. If this individual was Muslim, it would have been headline news for weeks all around the World, the Muslim community would have been asked to condemn and work with the Australian Government, and used as a pretext to rush through new laws. Since he’s not Muslim, it will just be treated as an isolated case. I guess the term ’terrorist’ is saved for Muslims only.

Australian Newspaper Daily Telegraph reports that, Daniel Fing, ‘was jailed for blowing up his ­ex-girlfriend’s lover’s car in Newcastle in 2006.

Daniel Fing / Picture: Channel 9

Daniel Fing / Picture: Channel 9

By Kate Kyriacou, AAP –

Commercial waste specialists have removed chemicals from a Pullenvale house where bomb-ma

Commercial waste specialists have removed chemicals from a Pullenvale house where bomb-making materials were found. Picture: Liam Kidston.

CHEMICALS have been removed from a Brisbane house where a former resident was possibly planning to detonate a bomb outside one of Sydney’s busiest train stations.

A liquid explosives stockpile was found at the Pullenvale property last week, with the final stash removed today. A former resident was possibly plotting to detonate bombs with similar explosives used in the 2005 London bombings. Crudely drawn mud maps were reportedly found at the house in Brisbane’s west detailing an area around Sydney’s busy Central railway station and another in Newcastle.

A man who lived at the home is now in NSW. His former house remained sealed with police tape on Tuesday as detectives catalogued and helped remove dozens of white containers of chemicals from the garage. Specialist officers are believed to have disposed of more than 50kg of explosives material in controlled detonations last Thursday and Friday.

Three types of peroxide-derived mixers were found in a detached shed, including one that was the same chemical used in the 2005 atrocities on London’s transport network, the Nine Network says. Police at the Red Cedar Road house said the remaining stash removed on Tuesday was not dangerous.

Reports of the map find has fuelled speculation Sydney and Newcastle were possible bomb targets, however other reports suggest the discovery could be linked to a criminal network.

A man and a woman who rented the property are believed to have fled after falling behind in their rent. The man, who was reportedly using a stolen Navy ID to rent the property, has since been arrested on unrelated charges in NSW, and is due to face court later this month.

The woman’s whereabouts remain unknown. Another woman, whose children own the property, spoke with detectives outside the garage on Tuesday. Helen Clark said she had not met the occupants. “I just wanted to see the house is in order,” she told reporters at the scene. Specialist X-ray equipment may be used to scan the walls and floor of the house.

The Queensland Police Service, the Australian Federal Police and Australian Defence Force personnel are sweeping the house but the three agencies were tight-lipped about their involvement on Tuesday.

Earlier, it was reported the Australian Defence Force would conduct a search of the Pullenvale house where police discovered a cache of explosives.

Police will today remove chemicals from a shed on the property before defence force personnel arrive to sweep the house. Explosives similar to those used in the London bombings and maps pinpointing what police believe were the targets were uncovered earlier in the suburban Brisbane home.

The crudely drawn maps appear to pinpoint targets in Sydney and Newcastle. The Australian Federal Police has now been called in to assist in the investigation. Police raided the Pullenvale rental home last week after a real estate agent inspecting the property discovered explosives in the shed.

The Red Cedar Rd property was being rented by Daniel Fing. Fing had left the property some time before the real estate agent’s visit and had stopped paying rent. Fing was arrested last month on unrelated charges in Newcastle and is currently in custody.

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