VIDEO: Israeli Soldier’s Sickening Prank Call To A Gaza Hotel

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By Kerry-Anne –


A video has been released which appears to show a serving IDF soldier making a prank call to a Gaza Hotel, joking that the hotel is about to be bombed.

The soldier begins the call as if making a reservation at the hotel, asking the price of a double room, the cost of meals and so on.  He gets a polite response from the hotel.

He then asks to reserve 20 rooms on behalf of ‘Hakesh Bagag’, which refers to the Israel’s Knock On Roof policy of hitting homes, hospitals and mosques with one missile as a warning, leaving inhabitants 1 minute to escape before further missiles or shells desttory the building.

He tells the hotel staff member on the other end of the phone:

“Before we come…we send you a little present and after one minute we send you a big present!”

At this point, the hotel staff hang up and the solider and his buddies dissolve into fits of the giggles.

Almost 1,900 Palestinians have been killed during Israel’s month long assault on Gaza, 84% of them civilians, including 447 children.  This guys and his pals might find that funny, but I’m pretty sure no one else is laughing.

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