Local GOP Official: “Offending Muslims Is The Duty Of Any Civilized Person. Especially With A .45.”

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DTT: This type of bigotry and hate has no place in the 21st-century. This is unacceptable. Where do you think he got this hate from? He got it most probably from right-wing media and blogs. What sort of a human being can hate a whole group pf people whom you have never met? This is the result you get when the media and some right-wing blogs spread hate and lies, about Muslims.

by Steve Kraske – The Kansas City Star

Gavin Ellzey, the vice chairman of the Kansas Republican 3rd Congressional District Committee, advised on Twitter in early July that “offending Muslims is the duty of any civilized person.”

Ellzey added, “Especially with a .45.”

In an interview with The Star, the Overland Park resident acknowledged writing the tweet in response to television news reports about Christians being “crucified” overseas.

“Sometimes you overreact,” Ellzey said.

“I’ve had folks call me,” he added. “I’m not trying to offend anybody. I sure wouldn’t shoot anybody. I don’t even own a gun.”

He said he later deleted the tweet.

Mahnaz Shabbir of the Crescent Peace Society said she was shocked when she saw the tweet.

“We’ve been doing a lot of work in the community to try to help others understand who we are,” she said. “When something like this comes across my computer, my first reaction is like, are you kidding me?”

She pointed out the tweet came just months after the shootings at the Jewish Community Center.

Read the entire article hereThe Kansas City Star  08/06/2014

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