Islamophobia In America On The Rise, Poll Shows

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By Taylor Wofford – News Week

Yesterday I and many others received a press release titled “Stop Hamas – Princess Yasmine become terrorist” [sic]. Attached to the release were a boatload of jpegs depicting Prince Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Bart Simpson, and a variety of other cartoon characters as “terrorists of Hamas.”

The artist, “aleXsandro Palombo,” called them “A powerful series of Art Piece about the war in Gaza. A powerful series to meditate. An original awareness campaign focused on the devastating problem of terrorism that affects Israel and Palestine and on child soldiers.”

While the images might appear to some to be funny in a perverse sort of way — the Jewish Daily Forward called them “more than a little racist”

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  1. Is that Princess Jasmine with a ‘chopper’?

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