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Islamophobia In America On The Rise, Poll Shows

By Taylor Wofford – News Week Yesterday I and many others received a press release titled “Stop Hamas – Princess Yasmine become terrorist” [sic]. Attached to the release were a boatload of jpegs depicting Prince Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Bart Simpson, and a variety of other cartoon characters as “terrorists of Hamas.” The artist, “aleXsandro Palombo,”… Read More ›

WATCH: Israeli Zionists Attack Palestinian Man On Public Bus

By Lisa Goldman – 972Mag The following video shows an incident that took place on a municipal bus in the greater Tel Aviv area (near Bnei Brak, for those who know the territory). This was a couple of days ago, shortly after the bodies of three Jewish boys who were abducted in mid-June were discovered in the… Read More ›

Ray Lengend charged in firebombing of mosque found fit to stand trial

DTT: The rise of Islamophobia has been increasing year by year. This is as a result of the media, right-wing and neo-nazi groups spreading myths and lies about Muslims and Islam. When lies spread. When a minority is dehumanised and looked as the “other”, some individuals take things into their hands and end up trying… Read More ›