Muslim Scholars Condemn Deportation Of Christians From Mosul

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An Iraqi family are seen in front of a building as Iraqi Christians family fleeing violence in the northern city of Mosul, arrive at Arbil on July 19, 2014


The Muslim Scholars Association in Iraq condemned the deportation of Christian families from Mosul by the Islamic State (ISIS) this week, saying it amounts to an assault on innocent people.

The militant group “gave Christians an ultimatum to leave Mosul by Saturday, thus leaving the city without Christians for the first time in Islamic history,” the MSA said.

The Muslim scholars denounced this move as “an act of injustice against innocent people, and a deviation from the path recommended by the prophet of Islam and Muslim scholars regarding the treatment of non-Muslims.

“No entity has the right to take such measures.”

About 20 activists organised a protest in Mosul yesterday condemning ISIS’ decision to expel Christians, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed reported.

The activists considered the move anti-Islamic and inhuman, and contrary to Arab traditions.


Middle East Monitor

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  1. Muslim Scholars Condemn Deportation Of Christians From Mosul

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