Man Turned Away From Aldi For Trying To Bulk-Buy £50 Of Tins

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Lancashire Telegraph: Reiss Bawlar and friend Isak Kana at the Aldi store

Reiss Bawlar and friend Isak Kana at the Aldi store

A BLACKBURN man has hit out at staff at Aldi’s Montague Street store, after his attempts to buy two trollies worth of food for charity were thwarted.

Reiss Bawlar, 37, was buying the food to donate to a shipment of goods being sent to war-torn Syria.

The fitness instructor, who lives in Cambridge Street, has spent a month’s salary, of around £1,000 buying tinned food, nappies, and other essentials to send to Syrian refugees.

Reiss said he visited the Montague Street store on Wednesday and bought a large quantity of food without any problems.

He said he returned the next day and attempted to buy two more trollies full of food — £40 to £50-worth of baked beans, tinned spaghetti, tinned potatoes and rice pudding.

But he said he was approached by a member of staff who started to remove the food from the trollies.

He said: “I’d gone in previously, the day before, and another store manager was really friendly.


Lancashire Telegraph

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