Man attacked for renouncing Hinduism and becoming a Muslim

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Manipal, Feb 27: In an apparent attempt to create unrest in the society, a group of miscreants allegedly belonging to a Hindutva outfit brutally assaulted a 28-year-old youth for renouncing Hinduism and accepting Islam.

Girish, a resident of Malpe, who changed his name to Humair after embracing Islam around eight years ago, was hospitalized with severe injuries after Monday’s attack. The assailants also threatened Humair with dire consequences if he continued to identify himself as a Muslim.

Preplanned attack


The incident took place when Humair was travelling on his motorbike from Nejar to Nidamballi via Santhekatte Kalyanapura in Udupi taluk last Monday.

According to Humair, a man identified as Jayanth requested him for a drop. When they reached Kelanejar the pillion rider Jayanth asked him to stop the motorbike and snatched the key. Before Humair could realize that he was trapped, Jayanth began to assault him. Within a few seconds around a dozen miscreants surrounded him and thrashed him together.

“They assailants used abusive language against me and my religion and demanded me to return to Hindu religion if I want to be alive. One among them hit on my head with a bat,” he said adding that they have threatened him to kill if he failed to return to Hinduism.

Few of the assailants were identified by Humair as Amith Santhekatte, Appu Tailor, Sujith, Rakesh, Rajesh, Sharath, Sathish, Naveen, Umesh, Raghu and Udaya.

Humair said that after assaulting him the miscreants called five girls from Kelanejar and asked them to file false complaint against him. “One of the girls directly went to the jurisdictional Malpe Police Station and lodged false complaint against me,” he said.

Humair said that Malpe police also harassed him and used foul language against him when he went to the station to lodge a complaint against the accused. He said that he also had complained to district superintendent of police and demanded justice.

“I am an innocent. I did not do anything wrong. They attacked me and lodged false complaint against me only because of the fact that I renounced Hinduism and became a Muslim.” he said adding that he is leading a peaceful life as a Muslim with his wife and never broke his relationship with his family members even after becoming a Muslim.


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