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Right Wingers Taunting Muslims With Images Of Pork Are Bringing Back An Anti-Semitic Trope

By Zaid Jilani – Alternet.org It is sadly common to see grassroots conservatives engage in Islamophobia – it’s one of the most acceptable types of hate for the modern Republican Party. One way of spreading this hate is to mock Muslims with pigs or pork. Here’s one example, posted on the day of the Paris… Read More ›

Fox’s O’Reilly: ‘All the Wolves Have Been Muslims’

By Peter Hart – Fair.org     On his show last night, Fox host Bill O’Reilly (12/15/14) weighed in on the value of torture and the hostage situation in Australia: In Sydney, Australia today, a Muslim fanatic apparently kills two, injures four others, before police shoot him dead. Another lone wolf terror attack that was seen… Read More ›

Stop Asking Muslims To Condemn Terrorism. It’s Bigoted And Islamophobic

DTT comment: Muslims are against terrorism. Stop labelling Muslims for the action of some individual maniacs. Stop asking Muslims to apologize, condemn something they have nothing to do with. By Max Fisher – Vox.com   There’s a certain ritual that each and every one of the world’s billion-plus Muslims, especially those living in Western countries,… Read More ›

‘It’s Pork Or Nothing’, French Mayor Tells Schoolchildren

DTT Comment: Muslims are not the only people that don’t eat pork, there are religious and non-religious that don’t eat pork. They’re not asking for any special treatment. Nor are they asking for Halal or Kosher food, all they asking for is that they be given a ‘meal with substitute protein’. By TheLocal.fr A mayor in… Read More ›

Somali American Cabbie Beaten In Alleged Seattle Hate Crime

DTT Comment: Law Abiding Muslim citizens, working hard, making a living to feed their family, who have nothing to do with what is happening overseas are been attacked for being Muslim. Isn’t the media to blame for the constant demonization of the Muslim community? By Venice Buhain – SeattleGlobalist.com A 26-year-old man is accused of a… Read More ›

American Christian Man Arrested For Alleged Plot To Bomb Muslim Holy Sites

DTT Comment: An American Christian man has been reported by Haaretz.com to have been arrested, for allegedly plotting to bomb Muslim Holy Sites. What I find astonishing is why this thug has not been branded as a ‘terrorist’ in the media? Why is it that there is a complete silence in the media about this… Read More ›

FBI Investigating Hate-Crime In Fatal Hit-And-Run Of Muslim Boy

BY MATT CAMPBELLTHE KANSAS CITY STAR The FBI announced Friday it was investigating the fatal, and apparently intentional, hit-and-run incident that killed a 15-year-old Muslim Somali boy as a potential hate crime. The boy, identified by police Friday as Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein, was killed early Thursday evening as he was leaving the Somali Center of Kansas… Read More ›

Tony Benn: Islamophobia must be challenged

“Attacking Islamophobia is a very important political process for us to watch in Britain,” stated Tony Benn, a British Labour Party politician and the second-longest serving member of parliament. Aligned with his liberal background, the former cabinet minister argues the threat of Islamophobia across Europe must be challenged and overcome at the social, political and… Read More ›

The reality of Life – Work, Buy, Consume, Die

The reality of Life – Work, Buy, Consume, Die

No one is born racist

No one is born racist, that is true indeed! Source Triple Entray