Quran 9:36 – Battle Of Hunayn

Background After the conquest of Makkah, while the Muslims were busy with their lives in path of God, praying, fasting and doing charity work the Hawazin and Thaqif tribe assembled an army to attack the Muslims. With news reaching the Prophet (p) of their plans, Prophet Muhammed and his people prepared to engage them. This… Read More ›

The Siege Of Ta’if (Taif)

The siege of Ta’if took place as a result of the enemy Thaqif had retreated to their fortresses in order to prepare for war again. The Thaqif tribe were the same people who marched towards Makkah with Hawazin tribe (and others)  in order to kill Muslims, and when they were confronted with the Muslim army,… Read More ›

The Battle Of Autas (Awtas)

Battle of Autas took place because the Muslims had to defend themselves against the league tribes who formed an alliance together to attack the Muslim community, the battle of Hunayn. It was a war of self-defence. Please also read the following article on what happened to the captive women, to get a better understanding of… Read More ›