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Understanding Quran 9:29 In Light Of The Earliest Historical Sources Of Islam

Kaleef K. Karim Content: 1. Introduction 2. Background Of Quran 9:29 3. Rebuttal 4. Conclusion 1. Introduction Glen Roberts, who runs the site “The Religion Of Peace” has written a further article on the Quranic verse, 9:29. Glen devoted an article to our piece on 9:29 not long ago, which can be seen here: “Answering… Read More ›

Surah 9:29 – Tabuk | Response To ‘Religion Of Peace’

The site Religion Of Peace (TROP), the founder is Glen Roberts – this notorious Christian missionary has written an article in response to our piece on Quran 9:29 which can be see here: “Answering Jihad: ‘Fight Against Those Who Do Not Believe’ – Quran 9:29” This missionary has been publishing anti-Muslim and Islam articles for… Read More ›

Surah 9:29 And Tabuk

Surah 9:29 has been misunderstood and abused a lot by critics who have no knowledge why the verse was revealed. When was it revealed and for who? Historically speaking, we are certain with the evidences that this verse was revealed concerning the Tabuk expedition. We argued extensively in previous articles, which can be seen here,… Read More ›

Answering Jihad: “Fight Against Those Who Do Not Believe” – Quran 9:29

Kaleef K. Karim & Bachir Guediri Content: 1. Introduction 2. Background on Quran 9:29 3. The Verse – Historical context 4. Jizya (Jizyah) 5. Conclusion 1. Introduction This article examines chapter 9, verse 29 of the Quran, in its historical context. Some claim that the verse (Q. 9:29) endorses and ‘sanctions Muslims to kill innocent… Read More ›

Revisiting Quran 9:29 – Tabuk

Kaleef K. Karim Previously I wrote on Quran 9:29, you can read it here. As I examined the passage in its historical context, using early Muslim sources, it was evident that the aggressors were the Byzantine (Roman) Empire who had mobilised troops in order to exterminate the Muslim community in Arabia. The fighting that is… Read More ›

Examining Quran 9:29 – Does Islam Sanction The Killing Of Christians & Jews?

Kaleef K. Karim The answer is no! This verse (Q. 9:29) is by far the most problematic I have come across when reading the Quran. I say it’s ‘problematic’ because this verse is the only one that I know of which does not give context. When looking at any other verses in the Quran, reading… Read More ›