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That ‘Atheist’ Who Killed 3 Young Muslims In North Carolina…

By Leslie Salzillo On February 10, 2015, a 46-year old ‘self proclaimed’ atheist, took his gun, managed his way into his neighbor’s home, and shot them to death. Craig Stephen Hicks killed three innocent young Muslim students, execution-style, in Chapel Hill, then turned himself in hours later. The lives he stole were Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha,… Read More ›

Student Suing Former Boss For Defamation

By  Tina Tenneriello – CJAD.com A former Concordia student and employee has filed a complaint with the labour board and is suing the Associate Director of Athletics because she says he harassed her after she refused to tell a Muslim colleague to stop praying in the gym. Rose Tandel says she worked as a first… Read More ›

An Elderly Muslim Gentleman Murdered Brutally By A Hindu Youth

  A 64-year-old man was murdered by his neighbour at Azampura in Chaderghat after the former intervened in a domestic dispute, police said. The victim, Syed Nooruddin, a resident of Azampura found the accused Rajesh (30) beating his mother over a trivial issue. “Nooruddin asked Rajesh not to beat his mother and left for prayers…. Read More ›


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A couple who believed in faith-healing were sentenced Wednesday to 3½ to seven years in prison in the death of a second child who never saw a doctor despite being stricken with pneumonia. Herbert and Catherine Schaible defied a court order to get medical care for their children after their 2-year-old son,… Read More ›

The Meaning Of ‘Salawaat’

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ Kaleef K. Karim Recently I came across an article, the title was “As-salaat.” I had a read of it. Reading through it, the person was arguing that “Salawat” in the Quran does not mean “prayer” (worship), according to him it means,  “a set of guidelines or instructions.” The problem the author… Read More ›