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Chuck Todd’s Indirect Attack On Muslims Handled Brilliantly

Today Chuck Todd used a Wall Street Journal oped by ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali to launch an indirect attack on Muslims albeit with much civility. She wrote the following. If we take the position that we are dealing with a handful of murderous thugs with no connection to what they so vocally claim, then we… Read More ›

Bogus: ‘Christmas Is Banned – It Offends Muslims’

Every year or so, when the time nears to Christmas, Islamophobes recycle same old garbage that Muslims want to ‘ban Christmas’ – ‘it offends Muslims’. This has been debunked many times before, read the following article. Also, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) have made the following poster.

Stop Asking Muslims To Condemn Terrorism. It’s Bigoted And Islamophobic

DTT comment: Muslims are against terrorism. Stop labelling Muslims for the action of some individual maniacs. Stop asking Muslims to apologize, condemn something they have nothing to do with. By Max Fisher – Vox.com   There’s a certain ritual that each and every one of the world’s billion-plus Muslims, especially those living in Western countries,… Read More ›

Somali American Cabbie Beaten In Alleged Seattle Hate Crime

DTT Comment: Law Abiding Muslim citizens, working hard, making a living to feed their family, who have nothing to do with what is happening overseas are been attacked for being Muslim. Isn’t the media to blame for the constant demonization of the Muslim community? By Venice Buhain – SeattleGlobalist.com A 26-year-old man is accused of a… Read More ›

American Christian Man Arrested For Alleged Plot To Bomb Muslim Holy Sites

DTT Comment: An American Christian man has been reported by Haaretz.com to have been arrested, for allegedly plotting to bomb Muslim Holy Sites. What I find astonishing is why this thug has not been branded as a ‘terrorist’ in the media? Why is it that there is a complete silence in the media about this… Read More ›

Men Fined For Threatening To ‘torch’ And ‘Blow Up’ Mosque On Facebook

By Jeremy Culley – TheBoltonNews.co.uk TWO men have been convicted of making Facebook threats to “torch” and “blow up” a proposed new mosque in Astley Bridge. Police arrested both men for posting offensive messages on the Stop The Astley Bridge Facebook page, which has since been taken down. Leon Richmond, aged 18, wrote on the… Read More ›

FBI Investigating Hate-Crime In Fatal Hit-And-Run Of Muslim Boy

BY MATT CAMPBELLTHE KANSAS CITY STAR The FBI announced Friday it was investigating the fatal, and apparently intentional, hit-and-run incident that killed a 15-year-old Muslim Somali boy as a potential hate crime. The boy, identified by police Friday as Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein, was killed early Thursday evening as he was leaving the Somali Center of Kansas… Read More ›

Religious Right Calls For Deportation, Sterilization & Holy War On Muslims

By Hrafnkell Haraldsson – PoliticusUSA.com You can’t exactly say that the activities of ISIL have ramped up anti-Muslim hatred in this country despite the efforts by the Religious Right to pain all Muslims with a broad brush. After all, it is still being pointed out by the feckless mainstream media that the supposed threat posed… Read More ›

Muslims Who Sacrificed Themselves To Save Jews & Fight Nazis In World War II

By Michael Wolfe – The Washington Post   Noor Inayat Khan led a very unusual life. She was born in 1914 to an Indian Sufi mystic of noble lineage and an American half-sister of Perry Baker, often credited with introducing yoga into America. As a child, she and her parents escaped the chaos of revolutionary… Read More ›

People ‘Filmed Family Screaming For Help’ In Wood Green Fire

By Stephen Moore – Tottenham Journal A Wood Green taxi driver who helped rescue a baby, child and four adults from a raging fire has spoken of his disbelief that others stood by and filmed the family desperately screaming for help from their windows. “Ronnie” Rahman, 29, heard their screams and shouts as he sat in… Read More ›