Expedition Of Khalid Ibn Al-Walid To Banu Jadhimah

Prophet Muhammed (p) sent Khalid ibn Walid with few hundred companions to invite people to Islam. They were instructed to invite, preach to the tribe of Banu Jadhimah. While being there preaching Islam, some locals started shouting and saying as the reports state that “we have left our religion! We have left our religion!” Upon… Read More ›

Expedition Of Khalid Ibn Al-Walid To Abdul-Madan (Najran)

In the sources available to us, there is not much information given, other than that Khalid was sent to a tribe. Kitab al-Tabaqat Al-Kabir – Ibn Sa’d: “Then (occurred) the sariyyah of Khalid ibn al-Walid against Banu al-Madan at Najran in the month of al-Awwal in the tenth year from the hijrah of the Prophet,… Read More ›