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Understanding Quran 9:29 In Light Of The Earliest Historical Sources Of Islam

Kaleef K. Karim Content: 1. Introduction 2. Background Of Quran 9:29 3. Rebuttal 4. Conclusion 1. Introduction Glen Roberts, who runs the site “The Religion Of Peace” has written a further article on the Quranic verse, 9:29. Glen devoted an article to our piece on 9:29 not long ago, which can be seen here: “Answering… Read More ›

Surah 9:29 And Tabuk

Surah 9:29 has been misunderstood and abused a lot by critics who have no knowledge why the verse was revealed. When was it revealed and for who? Historically speaking, we are certain with the evidences that this verse was revealed concerning the Tabuk expedition. We argued extensively in previous articles, which can be seen here,… Read More ›

The Truth About Jizyah

DTT: Although we have written about the concept of Jizyah previously here: “Answering Jihad: ‘Fight Against Those Who Do Not Believe’ – Quran 9:29“, we believe Scholar Louay M. Safi has written a better perspective in regards to this subject.   Scholar Louay M. Safi Jizyah was not levied on the ‘People of the Book’… Read More ›

King or Prince of Dumatul Jandal Innocent?

Narrated Anas ibn Malik ; Uthman ibn AbuSulayman: The Prophet (p) sent Khalid ibn al-Walid to Ukaydir of Dumah. He was seized and they brought him to him (i.e. the Prophet). He spared his life and made peace with him on condition that he should pay jizyah (poll-tax). – (Abu Dawud Book 19, Number 3031)… Read More ›