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VIDEO: Israeli Settler Tries Stabbing Rabbi Arik Asherman Who Was Helping Palestinians

In this video, an Israeli settler can be seen trying to stab Rabbi Arik Asherman, who is the president of ‘Rabbis for Human Rights’. He was accompanying Palestinian olive harvesters in the West Bank, and tried protecting them from being attacked by Jewish settlers. Watch the video here: Source: 5Pillars.com

‘We Palestinian Christians Say Allahu Akbar’

By Nadezhda Kevorkova – RT.com The only Palestinian Orthodox Christian bishop in the Holy Land speaking about the suffering of Palestinian Christians, their unity with Muslims in the Palestinian struggle, about Orthodox Christian martyrs, and Ukraine. Archbishop Sebastia Theodosios (Atallah Hanna), 49, is the only Orthodox Christian archbishop from Palestine stationed in Jerusalem and the… Read More ›

Christian Militias In CAR Have Carried Out Ethnic Cleansing Of The Muslim Population

By Aljazeera.com UN report says Christian militias engaged in ethnic cleansing of Muslims in ongoing Central African Republic civil war. Christian militias in Central African Republic have carried out ethnic cleansing of the Muslim population during the country’s ongoing civil war, but there is no proof there was genocidal intent, a United Nations commission of… Read More ›

The Ethnic Cleansing Going On Right Now You Most Probably Haven’t Heard About

DTT: The ethnic cleansing going in one side of the world which you most probably not heard about because the victimns are Muslim. If this was in reverse, if a extremist Muslim group were doing this to a minority, there would be 24/7 coverage from the main stream media around the world. It seems Muslim… Read More ›

Women In Christianity

Often it is cited by Christians that they were indeed the first to uplift and introduce the rights of women, in that they gave women a higher standing in society than any other religion. Nothing is more further from the truth, in fact we see throughout history that Christianity has downgraded and mistreated women to… Read More ›