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“It’s Pure Myth That Islam Is ‘A Religion Of Peace’”?

  Melanie Phillips in her column in The Times today argues “It’s pure myth that Islam is ‘a religion of peace” because, she asserts, “Islam has a history of violent conquest.” Phillips criticises the PM, David Cameron, saying he “regrettably regressed to claiming once again that this was “not in the name of Islam” which… Read More ›

“Is the Original Qur’an Preserved?” – Dr. Joseph Lumbard

Orientalist scholarship since the 19th century has proposed various theories that seek to disqualify the Muslim narrative on the authenticity of the Qur’anic compilation and the preservation of the text. The recent discovery of early Qur’an manuscripts in San’a has reinvigorated the issue, and skeptics have hoped for evidence to support their assertions. Bayan visiting… Read More ›

VIDEO: Oldest Qur’an Manuscript Found In Birmingham University

A Qur’an manuscript held by the University of Birmingham’s Cadbury Research Library has been placed among the oldest in the world thanks to modern scientific methods. Radiocarbon analysis has dated the parchment on which the text is written to the period between AD 568 and 645 with 95.4% accuracy. The test was carried out in… Read More ›

The First Muslim-American Scholar: Bilali Muhammed

Firas Alkhateeb / Lost Islamic History An unfortunate misconception among today’s American Muslim community is that Islam has only been present in America for less than 100 years. Many American Muslims are children of immigrants who came to the United States from the Middle East and South Asia in the mid-nineteenth century, and thus wrongly… Read More ›

Wahshi Ibn Harb Killed The Prophet’s Uncle

Another man who was to be killed was Wahshi ibn Harb who had murdered the uncle of Prophet Mohammad (p). But due to the kindness and mercy of the Prophet, (p) Washshi came to Mohammad (p) to be pardoned for what he had done to his uncle. The Prophet forgave him. Sahih al-Bukhari: I went… Read More ›

Al-Yusayr Ibn Rizam – Another Warmonger

Al-Yusayr ibn Rizam was another warmonger who met his fate in the end. Tabari: It is reported about Yusayr b. Rizam, the Jew, that he was gathering Ghatafan in Khaybar to attack the Messenger of God, so the latter sent Abdullah b. Rawahah with a number of his companions, among whom were ‘Abdullah b. Unays,… Read More ›

Rifa’ah Bin Qays Incited Other Tribe(s) To Go To War Against Muslims

The Prophet (p) ordered Rifa’ah bin Qays to be killed because he incited other tribe(s) to go to war against the Muslims. This is reported in many sources. THE RAID OF IBN ABU HADRAD AL-ASLAMI ON AL-GHABA TO KILL RIFA’A B. QAYS AL-JUSHAMI One whom I have no reason to suspect told me from Ibn… Read More ›

To Evangelicals, Zionism An Increasingly Tough Sell

By Ryan Rodrick Beiler / Electronic Intifada While the lobby giant AIPAC wields power in Washington, evangelical Christians have long been the grassroots base of Israel advocacy in the US. But that support is eroding. According to a National Association of Evangelicals poll, forty percent of US evangelical leaders have changed their thinking about Israel over… Read More ›

Story of Blind Jew Throwing Dust – Seerah

One thing I have noticed from critics is that they try defaming the Prophet by mentioning Ibn Ishaq and Tabari as their sources. In most of the stories where the Prophet (p) is alleged to have done something, they cite Ibn Ishaq as their source. But as stated, many of these reports are not reliable… Read More ›

Al-Harith Bin Al-Talatil Mocking Poems?

The claim made is that Al-Harith bin al-Talatil was on the list to be killed for writing mocking poems of the Prophet. However, we have reported before that Prophet Mohammad never retaliated against anyone for his own sake. The story is false. Furthermore, Islamic scholar Allama Shibli shows that the story is false: PROCLAIMED CULPRITS Chroniclers… Read More ›