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The Expedition Of Shuja Ibn Wahb Al-Asadi

It is claimed by some that the expedition of Shuja ibn Wahb al-Asadi took place as a result that the Muslims wanted to steal stuff from the Banu Amir tribe. However, this not true. It is reported in our Islamic sources that one of the reasons Companions of the Prophet (p) were despatched, was a… Read More ›

Expedition Of Ibn Abi Al-Awja Al-Sulami

A group of Muslims were sent to Banu Sulaim, led by Ibn Abi Awja Al-Sulami. Their objective was missionary work,  preaching. Preaching the message of Islam to this tribe, inviting them to Islam. This tribe didn’t like hearing the preaching of Islam, they started attacking the Muslims. As a result of attacks, being pelted with… Read More ›

Expedition Of Ukasha Bin Al-Mihsan Al-Asadi To Udhrah And Baliy (Balli)

The expedition of Ukasha bin Al-Mihsan Al-Asadi to Udhrah and Baliy (or Balli) doesn’t tell us why the Prophet (p) did so. The report cited only states that he sent an expedition. Doesn’t give us further details than this. Kitab al-tabaqat al-kabir – Ibn Sa’d: “THE SARIYYAH OF ‘UKKASHAH IBN MIHSAN AL- ASADI AGAINST AL-JINAB… Read More ›

Expedition of Zaid ibn Haritha (Al-Jumum) To Banu Sulaym

Year 6 AH (628 AD) Banu sulaym (or Banu saleem – salim) had plotted attempts to attack Muslims before this. In fact, on some of these incidents they killed many Muslims. This expedition to Al-Jumum (Al-Jamum) led by Zaid ibn Haritha was most probably continuation of ongoing Battles against the enemy (Banu Sulaym). Imam Zaid… Read More ›

The Expedition Of Ukasha Bin Al-Mihsan To Banu Asad

It is claimed by some critics that Ukasha bin al-Mihsan was sent to attack Banu Asad bin Qhuzayma (or Khuzayma) to capture ‘booty/spoils’, and they use the following source to prove this. Ibn Sa’d: “SARIYYAH OF UKKASHAH IBN MIHSAN AL-ASADI TOWARDS AL-GHAMR Then occurred the sariyyah of Ukkashah ibn mihsan al-Asadi on al-Ghamr. The Ghamr… Read More ›

Quraysh Declared War Against Muslims Before The Battle Of Badr

On Sa’d ibn Mua’dh’s visit to Mecca to do Umrah, the Quraysh declared war against the Muslims! Sahih al-Bukhari: “Sa`d bin Mu`adh came to Mecca with the intention of performing `Umra, and stayed at the house of Umaiya bin Khalaf Abi Safwan, for Umaiya himself used to stay at Sa`d’s house when he passed by… Read More ›

Did Jews Get Expelled From Arabia?

Kaleef K. Karim & Aliyu Musa Misau This article examines an incident that occurred at the time of Caliph Umar ibn Khattab (ra), concerning the expulsion of Jews from the Hejaz region. “It has been narrated by ‘Umar b. al-Khattib that he heard the Messenger of Allah say: I will expel the Jews and Christians from… Read More ›

Re-Examining Banu Qurayzah Incident

Re-Examining Banu Qurayzah Incident Kaleef K. Karim & Aliyu Musa Misau Content: 1. Introduction 2. Jewish tribes Made a Pact with Muslims 3. Events that Occurred Before Quraiza Incident 4. Prophet Muhammed Thwarted Their Plans 5. Banu Qurayza Siding, Waging War and Supplying Enemies with Weapons 6. Banu Qurayza were Left to Face the Music… Read More ›

Palestine In Israeli School Books

Alternate Focus interviews Nurit Peled-Elhanan, author of the forthcoming book Palestine in Israeli School Books: Ideology and Propaganda in Education. Nurit Peled-Elhanan argues that the textbooks used in the school system are laced with a pro-Israel ideology, and that they play a part in priming Israeli children for military service. She analyzes the presentation of… Read More ›

How Do We Know The Qur’an Is Unchanged?

By Firas Alkhateeb / LIH The awakening of Europe from the Dark Ages and the subsequent intellectual enlightenment of the 1600s-1800s was one of the most powerful movements in modern history. It brought to Europe a dedication to empirical science, critical thinking, and intellectual discourse. Much of this was imported from the Muslim world’s intellectual… Read More ›