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Britain First: The “Most Dangerous Far-Right Party”?

Britain First are far-right political party who say they want islam to be banned and would hang their enemies if in power. The group have more followers on Facebook than any other political party in the UK and have just announced their leader is running for Mayor of London. The anti-racism group Hope Not Hate… Read More ›

Here Are the (Many) Muslim Condemnations of ISIS You’ve Been Looking For

We’ve all heard it before. In the wake of violence carried out by Muslims, a proverbial echo: “Why aren’t Muslims speaking out? Why aren’t they condemning these acts, done in the name of their religion?” It’s a common exhortation, one that is ever the more amplified in the age of ISIS. Begged in earnest by… Read More ›

UKIP Candidate Who Called Islam “Evil Cult” Barred From Standing For Party

  The Express and Star reports that a UKIP candidate who claimed on Facebook that Islam was an “evil cult” and that European integration was a form of “genocide” has been banned from standing for the party in the Black Country. Steve Latham stood for Parliament in West Bromwich East in the General Election earlier this year when… Read More ›

PM Announces Islamophobia To Be As A Separate Category Of Crime

  There is considerable coverage in the newspapers today (Daily Mail, The Guardian, Mirror, BBC News, ITV News,Sky News and Politics Home) about the Government’s announcement that police forces in England and Wales will begin recording Islamophobia as a separate category of crime. The announcement follows the mention of such a proposal in a speech… Read More ›

A Leopard And His Spots

    The Huffington Post, Daily Mail and the Independent all report on the former leader of the English Defence League, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who was seen last week in the Netherlands calling out to a rally organised by the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident (Pegida) to “stand together to fight Islamification”. Pegida is… Read More ›

VIDEO: Pregnant Muslim Woman Verbally Abused On London Bus

A shocking video has emerged of a pregnant Muslim woman being verbally abused on a London bus. The woman – as well as several other Muslim women on the bus – are called “ISIS bitches.” The pregnant woman is also called a “dirty whore” and told to go back to where she came from. The… Read More ›

VIDEO: Islamophobic Attack Against Disabled Turkish Muslim On London Bus

Another video has emerged of a vicious Islamophobic attack on a Turkish Muslim man by a passenger on a London bus, whilst members of the public idly watched. WARNING THIS VIDEO CONTAINS FOUL LANGUAGE! Source: DOAM

Waltham Forest Police Release Picture Of ‘Neo-Nazi’ Who Called Women “Terrorists”

  The Waltham Forest Guardian reports on the release of a photo of a ‘neo-Nazi’ wanted in connection with an incident of racially aggravated harassment after he called two Asian women “terrorists” outside Leytonstone tube station last month. The two women were leaving the station on the evening of 20 August when a man is… Read More ›

Saudi Female Student Attacked On Dublin Bus

  The Journal reports on a Muslim woman from Saudi Arabia who was allegedly assaulted on a bus in a racially motivated attack in Dublin, Ireland. Mashael Khayyat, 31, a PhD student at Trinity College Dublin, said she now felt unsafe leaving her home after being hit by a man travelling on the number 70… Read More ›

Is This Britain’s Sickest Nazi?

Meet David Wright from Barnsley in South Yorkshire. He runs the ‘Yorkshire Infidels’ a tiny gang of wannabe Nazis who spend most of their time in the pub and on Facebook promising to do all kinds of things to little kids. This morning, David posted a beheading video on the group’s facebook page. It was… Read More ›