The Expedition Of Ukasha Bin Al-Mihsan To Banu Asad

It is claimed by some critics that Ukasha bin al-Mihsan was sent to attack Banu Asad bin Qhuzayma (or Khuzayma) to capture ‘booty/spoils’, and they use the following source to prove this. Ibn Sa’d: “SARIYYAH OF UKKASHAH IBN MIHSAN AL-ASADI TOWARDS AL-GHAMR Then occurred the sariyyah of Ukkashah ibn mihsan al-Asadi on al-Ghamr. The Ghamr… Read More ›

Invasion Of Thi Amr (Dhu Amarr)?

News had reached the Prophet that Banu Muharib and Banu Talabah tribes, who were in alliance together were planning to raid Madina and harm the Prophet (p). Hence, the Prophet prepared with his Companions to engage the enemy. Historical report Kitab al-tabaqat al-kabir – Ibn Sa’d: “GHAZWAH OF THE APOSTLE OF ALLAH, AGAINST THE GHATAFAN… Read More ›

Expedition Of Sa’d B. Waqqas – Kharar Caravan Raid?

The Prophet sent Sa’d B. Waqqas on an expedition to al-Kharrar, to confront the hostile Quraysh. It is claimed by some that the Prophet sent Sa’d b. Abu Waqqas solely on this mission to raid a caravan. However, no such thing is reported in Ibn Ishaq. In fact, all it tells us is that the Prophet… Read More ›

Prophet’s First Expedition – Invasion Of Waddan?

The Prophet (p) set out to Waddan to confront the Quraysh. Ibn Ishaq: (THE RAID ON WADDAN WHICH WAS HIS FIRST RAID) Until he reached Waddan, which is the raid of al-Abwa, making for Quraysh and B. Damra b. Bakr b. Abdu Manat b. Kinana. The B. Damra there made peace with him through their… Read More ›

Scholars On The Incident At Bir Maona

Scholars on Bir Maona incident, where many Muslims were murdered for merely proclaiming the message of Islam.   Shaykh Allamah Shibli Nomani: “SIRYA BI’R MA’UNA In the month of Safar of the same year, Abu Bara, the chief of the tribe of Kilab came to the Prophet (p) and asked him to send with him… Read More ›