Mariyah The Copt And Her Relationship With Muhammed (p) [Part 4]

This is the fourth piece on Mariya the Copt, the Prophet Muhammed’s wife. The other three pieces can be seen here, here, and here. In this piece, we try to give a statement from Aisha, the wife’s Prophet (p). Before Aisha died, she had asked Abdullah bin Zubair, that she did not want to be… Read More ›

Mariyah The Copt Was No Concubine

In previous articles on Mariyah, which can be seen here and here, I presented many classical to contemporary sources that Mariyah was indeed married to Prophet Muhammed (p). The claim that she was a slave, we found this historically untenable. In this third series on Mariyah, we look at a dozen reports after Prophet Muhammed’s… Read More ›