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Palestine In Israeli School Books

Alternate Focus interviews Nurit Peled-Elhanan, author of the forthcoming book Palestine in Israeli School Books: Ideology and Propaganda in Education. Nurit Peled-Elhanan argues that the textbooks used in the school system are laced with a pro-Israel ideology, and that they play a part in priming Israeli children for military service. She analyzes the presentation of… Read More ›

Sam Shamoun And Matt Slick’s Heretical Beliefs Outed By Anthony Rogers

As expected, Anthony Rogers is now in damage control. Last night I posted an article indicating that most Christian polemicists do not care about their theology, using their very own words. In that article, I included a discussion with Anthony where he declared that a specific belief contradicted Christian orthodoxy. I immediately pointed out that… Read More ›

Indiana State Trooper Pulls Woman Over And Asks ‘Do You Accept Jesus Christ As Your Saviour?’

Ellen Bogan was rolling down U.S. 27 in Union County, Indiana when she was pulled over for a traffic violation. The state trooper let her off with a warning, but not before asking some bizarrely unprofessional questions: Did she have a home church?Did she accept Jesus Christ as her savior? Ellen said she felt helpless… Read More ›

How Christians Are Treated In The ‘Only Democracy In The Middle-East’ – Israel

The exodus from the Holy Land of Palestinian Christians could eventually leave holy cities like Jerusalem and Bethlehem without a local Christian population. Bob Simon reports. This is a CBS video from the 60 minutes show in 2012. It is 15 minutes long. Worth watching. How Christians are treated in Israel… Source: CBS News

Response To Hill’s And Baez’s Defense Of Ravi Zacharias’ Fraud By Steve Baughman

The following is a guest post by Steve Baughman, otherwise known as the Friendly Banjo Atheist on YouTube. Steve was the first person to bring to the public’s awareness, the issue of Ravi Zacharias’ false academic credentials. To catch up to speed, check this article here. Since Steve’s initial video about Ravi’s fraud, there have… Read More ›

Reality Check: Gaza Is Still Occupied?

Israel says it no longer occupies Gaza after disengaging from the strip of land in 2005. But Palestinians, international organisations, human rights groups and governments, including the United States, argue Gaza is still occupied. In the Reality Check, Mehdi Hasan challenges Israel’s narrative, arguing the country still controls Gaza’s borders, airspace and territorial waters. He… Read More ›

Video: Couple Accused Of Raping Orphaned Teen For Years — And Using The Bible To Justify It

DTT: This is a very sad story. A teen girl was allegedly repeatedly raped for many years. These two psychos justified their actions by reading the Bible. It is said that they found Biblical verses to justify what they did to the poor girl. According to these two people, the Bible approves of their criminal… Read More ›

Zak Gariba A New Fraud in Canadian Churches?

Zak Gariba seems to be a man with a few stories but are his stories reliable? Do they add up? This video just highlights some unusual claims from Zak Gariba.


Christian Militia Tells Muslims To Convert Or Die: Ethnic Cleansing In CAR

DTT: Amnesty International said on Friday that Muslims from the Western part of Central African Republic are being forced to hide their religion or convert to Christianity under the threat of death by the Christian Militia. It is been documented by human rights organisations that there are widespread human-rights abuses committed by Christian Militia known… Read More ›

Burn All Churches Says Israeli-Jewish Leader

The leader of a Jewish group has voiced support for arson attacks on Christian Churches in Israel. Benzi Gopstein, the head of Lehava – which has drawn notoriety for its violent attacks on Jewish-Arab assimilition – made the statements at a panel discussion for Jewish Yeshiva students. Benzi, later tried to escape from accusations of inciting… Read More ›