A Closer Look At Awtas Incident In Relation To Quran 4:24

Kaleef K. Karim Although we have written about Surah 4:24 and the time of its revelation, we are going to look over some of the claims once again, to get a better understanding of this incident historically. We showed that the verse (Q. 4:24) was revealed in relation to the battle of Hunayn, where the… Read More ›

What Happened To The Captive Women In Awtas Incident?

Kaleef K. Karim Content: 1. Introduction 2. What Led to the Battle of Hunayn? 3. Historically on Captives 4. The Rights of Captives 5. Relations with pagan women were prohibited 6. Awtas: All the Captive Women Were Set Free 7. Conclusion 1. Introduction This article seeks to examine few Hadith reports on the Hunayn (Awtas) battle…. Read More ›

The Expedition Of Abu Musa Al-Ashari (Hunayn)

The expedition (sariyyah) of Abu Musa al-Ashari, took place as consequence of the league of tribes who had mobilized to attack the Muslim community. With the Muslims having the upper-hand at the battle of Hunayn, the enemy retreated to Awtas area to mobilize, attack and use this place for military purposes against the Muslims. While, Abu… Read More ›