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Donald Trump Puts A Smile On Faces Of White Supremacist Recruiters

One of the kind of supporters Donald Trump has in the past called “passionate” was arrested Sunday morning after police received tips he was threatening Muslims and building homemade explosives. Before safely detonating a device they found in William Celli’s Richmond, California, home, authorities had evacuated the neighborhood in the city just north of Berkeley. It was undetermined whether the device was active or… Read More ›

Anti-Muslim Bigotry Even Creeps Into The Miss America Pageant

It seems that anti-Muslim bigotry has also creeped into the Miss America pageant with the current Miss Puerto Rico being suspended after posting a series of anti-Muslim bigoted tweets. Posted by Destiny Velez, it prompted a printed apology by the Miss Puerto Rico Organisation, a copy of which is listed below. The following response was… Read More ›

Not A Peep In The Debate About That Other Terrorist Attack On American soil

Not Muslim I suppose we should have guessed, but so far there’s not been a peep from either CNN or the other candidates about the other terrorist attack on American soil in the last few weeks, the murder of bystanders at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic. ISIS terrorism? Muslims and Syrians and terrorists crossing… Read More ›

Store Clerk Shot In Face After Robber Called Him A ‘Terrorist’ And Member Of Daesh

An armed robbery forcing the clerk into a storage room Police in Grand Rapids, Michigan are investigating a robbery that may also be a hate crime. An armed robber stormed into a liquor store and demanded cash from a store clerk identified as “Tony” by store management. Tony can be seen on the video complying… Read More ›

Georgia To New Syrian Family: Starve— No Food Stamps For You!

The Republican Georgia governor’s once-theoretical pledge not to provide benefits to Syrian refugees that were relocated to the state now has an actual target: A refugee family that arrived last week. But the state isn’t having any second thoughts, reports Caitlin MacNeal: The Department of Human Services sent a memo in November ordering employees not to process the applications of… Read More ›

Racist White Woman Goes Batshit-Crazy Mistakes Two Brazilians For Terrorists

A racist white woman stopped her truck (car) and started berating a group of Brazilians who were making a comedy show for their Youtube channel, UH-OH MONKEY. UHOH Mike posted the encounter with the racist lady on his Facebook page: A racist white lady mistakes two Brazilians for Terrorists. I was filming a sketch for… Read More ›

Non-Muslim Professor Suspended For Saying Christians And Muslims Worship The Same God

DailyKos Larycia Hawkins, an associate Professor of political science at Wheaton College probably thought she was on safe ground when she favorably compared Christians and Muslims as both “people of the book.” She probably thought she was on even safer ground when she quoted Pope Francis’ statement that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. Boy,… Read More ›

Trump Supporter Arrested After Plotting To Murder Muslims

A man was arrested recently after a police tip alerted authorities that the man was constructing explosive devices and allegedly making threats to murder Muslims. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks. Read more at Think progress: “Police in Richmond, California have arrested 55-year-old William Celli, who was allegedly constructing explosive devices… Read More ›

Republican Threatens Refugees: “I’ll Shoot Them Myself” To “End Their Miserable Lives!”

The Nevada Republican who sent out a Christmas card featuring armed toddlers has put her proverbial foot in her mouth once again – this time in a much more offensive fashion. Michele Fiore, Assembly woman of the Fourth District, when asked by a Las Vegas radio show about why she refused to sign a statement by Republicans opposing… Read More ›

‘I Don’t Care’ About Opposition To My Ban-The-Muslims Plan, Says Trump.

Donald Trump’s brand new, in no way historically resonant idea to exclude all Muslims from the United States has drawn as much criticism as anything he’s said during his presidential campaign. (As much as the time he criticized John McCain, even!) But Trump has a simple answer for his critics: “I don’t care.” And also: Trump… Read More ›