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Lima Balla, an Albanian Muslim that helped save 17 Jews in WWII

Six inspiring stories of Jews saving Muslims and Muslims saving Jews

Both the Mishna and the Quran state ‘Whoever destroys a single life is as though he had destroyed the entire world, and whoever saves a single life is as if he had saved the entire world’ 1. How the Albanian nation saved their Jews In 1930 Albania, a small Balkan country, had a mere 803,000… Read More ›

A matter of honour to Albanians who protected Jews

 Jay Grenby The role of Albanians in rescuing Jews from the Nazis was told to more than 400 people at a Pinner Synagogue HMD event by the country’s UK ambassador, Mal Berisha. Albania was the only occupied country in Europe to end the war with more Jews than at the beginning, Mr Berisha said. “It… Read More ›