Abu Dharr al-Ghifari’s Persecution In The Hands Of Quraysh

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Kaleef K. Karim

Abu Dharr was a close companion of Prophet Muhammed (p). In the early days of Makkah the Muslims were forbidden from declaring or talk about their new faith  of Islam, to the idolaters. The idolaters hated those who believed in One God and Muhammed being His Messenger. As such, anyone who were to be found to be following the new religion, Islam, were attacked, beaten and tortured.

Hilya – Abu Nu’aym (947 – 1038):

“The Prophet who taught him about Islam. He also learnt a part of the Qur’aan. He then said, ‘O Prophet! I wish to declare my Islam in public.’ The Prophet said, ‘I fear that you may be killed.’ Abu Dharr insisted, ‘I have to do it even if I am killed.’ When the Prophet remained silent, Abu Dharr proceeded. The members of the Quraysh were sitting in various groups in the Masjidul Haraam and talking when Abu Dharr announded:
‘I testify that there is none worty of worship but Allah and that Muhammed is Allah’s Rasul.’
In his own words, Abu Dharr narrates, the group then broke up and the people beat me up until they left me like a red idol, thinking that they had killed me. When I regained consciousness, I went to the Prophet and when he saw my condition, he said, ‘Did I not forbid you?’ I replied, ‘O Prophet! It was a need in my heart that I had to fulfil.’ I then remained with the Prophet. One day, the Prophet said to me, ‘Go back to your people and come to me when you hear that I am victorious.’” (Hilya by Abu Nu’aym, volume 1, page 158)

Mustadrak – al-Haakim Nishapuri (933 – 1012):

“Abu Dharr said, ‘When I came to Makkah, all the people of the valley turned on me with lumps of earth and bones until I fell unconscious. When I eventually stood up, I looked like a red idol.’” (Mustadrak al-Haakim, by al-Haakim Nishapuri, volume 3, page 338. See also, Hilya by Abu Nu’aym volume 1, page 159)

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