Abu Jahl’s Attempt To Assassinate The Prophet Muhammed

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The Quraysh polytheists sent for Prophet Muhammed (p), threatening to destroy him (and trying to bribe the Prophet with money, wealth and make him King, in order to stop him from preaching Monotheism) and at the same time when he refused one of their leaders, Abu Jahl went out the next morning attempted to smash the Prophet’s head in with a big stone in order to murder him.

Ibn Ishaq (704 – 768 AD):

“…the leading men of every clan of Quraysh – Utba b. Rabi’a, and Shayba his brother, and Abu Sufyan b. Harb, and al-Nadr b. al-Harith, brother of the Banu Abd’l-Dar, and Abu’-l-Bakhtari b. Hisham, and al-Aswad b. al-Muttalib b. Asad and Zama’a b. al-Asad, and al-Walid b. al-Mughira, and Abu Jahl b. Hisham, and Abdullah b. Abu Umaya, and al-As b. Wa’il, and Nubayh and Munabbih, the sons of al-Hajjaj, both of Sahm, and Umayya b. Khalaf and possibly others – gathered together after sunset outside the Ka’ba. They decided to send for Muhammad and to negotiate and argue with him so that they could not be held to blame on his account in the future. When they sent for him the apostle came quickly because he thought that what he had said to them had made an impression, for he was most zealous for their welfare, and their wicked wat of life pained him. … When the apostle had gone Abu Jahl spoke, making the usual charges against him, and saying, ‘I call God to witness that I will wait for him tomorrow with a stone which I can hardly lift,’ or words to that effect, ‘and when he prostrates himself in prayer I will split his skull with it. Betray me or defend me, let the Banu Abdu Manaf do what they like after that.’ They said that they would never betray him on any account, and he could carry on with his project. When morning came Abu Jahl took a stone and sat in wait for the apostle, who behaved as usual that morning. While he was in Mecca he faced Syria in prayer, and when he prayed, he prayed, he prayed between the southern corner and the black stone, putting the Ka’ba between himself and Syria. The apostle rose to pray while Quraysh sat in their meeting, waiting for what Abu Jahl was to do. When the apostle prostrated himself, Abu Jahl took up the Stone and went towards him, until when he got near him, he turned back in flight, pale with terror, and his hand had withered upon the stone, so that he cast the stone from his hand.” (Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah – The Life of Muhammad Translated by A. Guillaume, [Oxford University Press – Seventeenth Impression 2004], page 133 – 135)

Ibn Kathir (1301 – 1373) [1]:

“Yunis h. Bukayr stated that Muhammad b. Ishaq related to him, quoting a man originally from Egypt some 40 years previously, from lkrima, from Ibn ‘Abbas, a long anecdote relating what transpired between the polytheists of Mecca and the Messenger of God (SAAS). When the Messenger of God (SAAS) arose, Abo Jahl b. Hisham said, “0 Quraysh, Muhammad is persisting, as you know, in criticizing our religion, reviling our forefathers, ridiculing our values and insulting our gods. I swear by God that I’ will sit and wait for him tomorrow carrying a rock, and if he prostrates in his prayer, I’ll smash his head with it! And let ‘Abd Manaf’s people do whatever they like about it afterwards.” Next day Aba Jahl, God curse him! took a rock and sat to wait for the Messenger of God (SAAS). That morning, the Messenger of God (SAAS) came as usual; his direction of prayer at that time was towards Syria. When he prayed he positioned himself between the comer (of the ka’ba) with the ‘black stone” and the Yemeni corner, facing so that the ka’ba was between himself and Syria. By the time he came to pray Quraysh were already sitting in their meeting places, waiting. When the Messenger of God (SAAS) prostrated in prayer, Abfi Jahl did pick up the rock and approached him. When he got near him, he retreated in fear, his colour pale in terror. His hands lost their grip on the rock and it fell.” ((The Life Of The Prophet Muhammad – (‘Al-Sira al-Nabawiyya’) [Translated by Professor Trevor Le Gassick, Garnet Publishing – Copyright 1998, The Center for Muslim Contribution To civilization], by Ibn Kathir, volume 1, page 337)

Ash-Shifa – Al-Qadi Iyad al-Yahsubi (1083 – 1149):

“Abu Jahl plotted a scheme with Quraish, in effect of which he swore that he would throw a stone at the head of the Prophet (pbuh) on seeing him. So, he came carrying a stone towards the Prophet (pbuh) while he was prostrating. Thereupon, Quraish Pagans were watching and waiting for him to throw it at the Prophet (pbuh). (Ash-Shifa – Healing Through Defining The Rights Of Prophet Muhammad by Al-Qadi Iyad al-Yahsubi, page 402)

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[1] The claim by Abu Jahl that the Prophet Muhammed “reviled” the idolater’s forefathers and “insulted” their gods is based on lies. These are the words of the Quraysh which has no truth to it. This statement is similar to the one in Quran where the polytheists accuse the Prophet (p) of being a “soothsayer” or “sorcerer”, or a “magician” none of which were based on any evidence, but rather claims made by the polytheists to discredit the Prophet Muhammed’s character.

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