Interview With Mr James Dowson Regarding The Recent Mohammed Cartoon Controversy

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We are re-publishing an article from which was published on their website on the 30th July 2015. It is claimed that Yaxley Lennon (Tommy Robinson), Ann Marie Waters and Paul Golding have tried to figure out a way of working together in a way to inflame the Muslim community into a civil war.

Jim Dowson who used to fund Britain First was dragged in to provide funding and he has just put this statement out on this incident. The article that featured in 30 July 2015 is no longer available online. The Knights Templar International website has since taken the article down. But an Archived version of it is still available on, which can be accessed hereThere is a PDF screenshot of the whole article available too.

Below is the full interview of Jim Dowson where he explains how Tommy Robinson, Anne Marie Waters and others attempted to inflame the Muslim community into a civil war in Britain.

Interview with Mr James Dowson regarding the recent Mohammed cartoon controversy:

Q- How did you come to be in England on 10th-11th June 2015.

A – For some time I had been courted by ‘Tommy Robinson’ EX EDL re a new project that he was to be involved with when he came off licence. He and some others named as an, Anne Marie Waters, Lord Pearson and Barroness Cox where to set up and promote a ‘Sharia Watch’ organisation and were looking for me to provide the skills to enable successful fundraising, administration, merchandising and web presence similar to what I had done for the BNP and Britain First in the past. As a result of several conversations I was invited over to meet the interested parties and that was on the dates above.

Q- Where did the meeting take place?

A – There was actually two meetings that took place on Thursday the 11th of June 2015 in the village of Great Offley . The first meeting was in the Green Man pub, beer garden at around 4pm where Mr Robinson arrived with a man I know to be called ‘Dave Allport’ who introduced himself as an expert on extremism and was very friendly with Mr Lennon. I had the impression they were both singing from the same hymn sheet. Also present were Paul Golding and Jayda Francen from the Political party Britain First and several security personnel also from Britain First and one other, an man who was there to observe at my request . This meeting was really one about Tommy and Paul and I was not really involved in any serious discussions. As this meeting concluded Mr Robinson confirmed with me of our meeting later that evening and said that Anne Marie Waters would be present and Alan Ayling also would be there. This was arranged to be held down the road in the Red Lion Hotel at 7.30pm. No Britain First people were invited.

Q- What was discussed at this second meeting and who was there?

A – The second meeting in the red Lion was attended by myself, Ayling, Robinson and I had a person ‘observing’ from nearby. They initially explained what they desired from me regarding the new organisation, which Anne Marie described as “ EDL with membership” I explained it would take at least £10,000 to start this project . Robinson suggested I get a cut of the profits, However, I pointed out the considerable costs involved and I would have to pay my people up front but after this initial investment a cut would be fine. Then Mr Ayling said that once this was up and running they had American ‘heavy hitters’ who would back the project, this was reiterated by Mr Robinson.

Q- How did the topic of cartoons come about?

A – As the meeting progressed I was interested in how they would attract a following given that the ‘right-wing’ anti Islam ‘market was rather crowded and Britain First had almost a monopoly on the scene. It was then the issue of cartoons was brought up. Anne Marie Waters outlined her idea of a Mohammed Cartoon competition. It was also muted by the others that the displaying of cartoons should occur in towns and cities with large muslin communities both here in Britain and possibly in Europe. Robinson and Ayling both contributed to this discussion. However, it seemed to me that Ms Waters was very much the driving force in this enterprise. As the conversation progressed it became apparent that this idea was, as far as I was concerned, extremely dangerous and ill conceived. I was becoming aware of the true intent of the whole operation and was seriously concerned at what I was hearing.

Q – Why were you concerned over the plan to show cartoons of Mohammed?

It became very obvious that the intent was to use the pretence of ‘freedom of speech’ to ferment a backlash from the Muslim community. This was not an opinion formulated by me but rather a conclusion based on statements from all three participants. I pointed out that such a ‘stunt’ would definitely ignite the fires of a civil war and this had the potential to result in the deaths of thousands of innocent people. During the conversation I asked Ms Water directly if it was a fair thing to mock any religious figure, Mohammed, Jesus Christ, Or the Virgin Mary as I, as a Christian found the deliberate mocking of my religion as a very annoying thing. She responded tersely that “she would do what she liked, whenever she wanted as it’s a fee country and it’s her right” I found this statement and the attitude to be at best rather juvenile and maybe even foolhardy.

At this stage in the conversation both Ayling and Mr Robinson interjected with comments regarding the necessity to ‘spark’ off a conflict as demographically it was better it happen now than in 20 years time when it would be too late. Again I pressed as to whether they fully understood the implications of what they were saying and apparently they did. I explained the realities of the horrors that I lived through during the Ulster conflict and again this was seen as a sort of model for the overall plan as they were convinced that once the spark was ignited, that “there were enough Jihadists, gangsters and drug dealers with arms in the Muslim community to start a war”. They believed that then in this scenario thousands of British people especially ex military folk would be drawn into an Northern Ireland like conflict and their organisation would be in a position to harness the people into some kind of structure and resistance movement.

Q—How was the meeting left

A—The meeting ended around 11.30pm and such was my concern over what had been discussed that I immediately contacted my solicitor and deposited a video with said solicitors first thing next morning. I have had no contact with any of these people whatsoever since that night ,nor do I wish to do so.

Q—Do you any further comments on the affair?

A—Yes, let me be very clear, I am a unapologetic Christian patriot and I am deeply concerned about the threat posed to the west by militant Islam, however, To embarked on a campaign to deliberately insult, thus drive more young Muslims into the hands of the jihadists is NOT the best way, politically, militarily or ethically to combat this threat. Indeed it is tactically utter stupidity and does our people a great disservice. As a Christian who has seen murderous conflict and its casualties up close on the streets of Belfast I am compelled to do absolutely everything I possibly can to prevent or at least contain the coming carnage. It is far easier keeping the lid ON Pandora’s box than trying to close it afterwards. We lost 4,000 people in Northern Ireland learning that lesson; let’s not make the same mistakes in England.

Here is a PDF screenshot of the whole article.

URL link of the original article:

Screenshot of the article that has since been taken down:

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