Girl Sends Mufti Question – Parents Threatening To “Kill” Me For Converting Islam (VIDEO)

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You often hear stories in the media of apostates from Islam who get mistreated by their parents or the community. Such incidents are in the majority of times splashed all over newspapers. The hysteria often surrounds how Islam is “evil”. Islam is to blame. While such stories get major media attention, such is not afforded to those who convert to Islam and endure similar treatment.

Over the years I have personally heard of many convert stories to Islam, where they often tell people how they get mistreated by their parents or the community for choosing to believe in Islam. They often get threatened with death. Beaten up. Aren’t allowed to follow the religion they voluntarily choice to follow. Kicked out of their houses. Why aren’t these stories told in newspapers? Why don’t these people matter in the media?

In the following video, a question was sent by a 18-year-old girl to the Islamic scholar, Mufti Muhammad ibn Muneer that her parents threatened to kill her because she accepted Islam and what shall she do.

Watch the video:


If the above Facebook video doesn’t work, please click on this Youtube link here: “My Parents Threaten to Kill Me for Accepting Islam What Shall I Do? – Mufti Muhammad ibn Muneer

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