Press Release On Oldham’s “Trojan Horse” Claims

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An article has already been written about this and their responses to some of the claims that have been made by British newspapers, you can read that piece here.

This is (below) a press release statement by Nasim Ashraf in response to some of the claims made against him in some newspapers.

Nasim Ashraf:


Muslim Contribution to our Society should not be vilified

The article published in the Sunday Times on the 19th February 2017 is nothing more than a smear campaign to demonize the contribution that Muslims, like myself, make in our local communities.

Muslims proudly and actively participate in all sections of our society and that should be encouraged, not vilified.

While the media are under a duty to report factually correct news, unfortunately, ‘fake news’ which makes unfounded allegations against Muslims does little to encourage involvement by Muslims to take up posts either in a paid or voluntary capacity.

Many Muslims, who work for community cohesion and institutional fairness, have sadly become part of the constant drip of negative news stories from certain sections of the media and by a select group of journalists with a divisive agenda. This climate of growing negativity and intolerance must stop if we are to foster a fair society in which the 2.7 million Muslims, who help to prosper Britain and help the most vulnerable, feel dignified, not marginalized.

The mere fact that my wife and myself were not part of the investigation process indicates that the local authority found NO basis or evidence that we were guilty in any way shape or form.

I am completely shocked and bewildered that my name has appeared in newspaper reports, when I have had no involvement with the school for several years.

I note that the comments made by Debbie Abrahams MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth as reported in the Manchester Evening News, where she comments, “I understand that investigations into harassment of the head teacher at Clarksfield Primary School have been undertaken by Oldham Council and also Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

I also understand that allegations that this amounted to a ‘Trojan horse’ plot have been investigated by Oldham Council, linking in with GMP’s Counter Terrorism Unit, and the Department for Education’s Compliance Unit, who concluded that there was no evidence to support this claim”.

I am currently seeking legal advice in relation to the reports made about me in the news, and considering what further actions to take.

Nasim Ashraf 20 February 2017


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(1) “John Holmwood, Professor of Sociology at the University of Nottingham argues against the notion that there was a plot to Islamicise schools in Birmingham. Instead, he considers the teachers and pupils are victims of a false narrative.” (15th December 2017)

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