Fabricated/Forged Story Of Asma Bint Marwan The Poet [P. 3]

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DTT: Some missionaries online are in a habit of spreading misinformation and lies against the Noble character of Prophet Muhammed (p). The Story of Asma Bint Marwan, that she was killed for making poetry against Prophet Muhammed (p), is found by esteemed scholars of the past and contemporary to be a fabrication/forgery. Indeed, it is very shameful for some individuals to continue to spread this fabricated report.

Please see the following two articles here and here, where it is shown that the incident of Asma Bint Marwan is a forgery.

Radush Shubuhaat:

“Today’s lesson? Being honest is the way of God and lying is from the ways of the devil!

In this short but insightful video, our dear brother and colleague Yahya Snow, highlights the continuous lies of poor and disingenuous Christian apologist. There seems to be a burning urge in the heart of Christian apologist to attack the Prophet Muhammad by any means possible! And here we see that. They are notorious for bringing known and we’ll established forgeries against the Prophet Muhammad without care, all in the name of “Spreading Christianity”? Forged stories, lies, that have been long refuted and rejected, but still they repeat it over and over! Why? Because they have no care and regards for the truth, but rather to create drama and unwarranted doubt, suspicion and shock in the hearts and minds of ignorant people, who dont know the truth.

Now, if we indulge in such polemics, then are justified in bringing “forged” narrations upon Jesus and present them as facts? First and foremost, never would a Muslim ever want to do such for we love and honor Jesus! And lying on him or any Prophet is a great sin. Unfortunately, our Christian apologist friends don’t live by the same standards, thus you get the vile and ungodly behavior against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad as you see from the likes of Jay Smith and other missionaries.

However, what we will do is highlight the narrations from the Christian literature that these same Christian apologist would never accept and ask them to justify these reports. We don’t mention them with any impunity upon Jesus whatsoever, but only to raise the awareness of the people about forged narrations in all traditions and expose these Christians for their insincerity, inconsistencies and lack of care for the truth!

Enjoy the video and use it to expose the lies of the liars!”

Source: Yahya Snow

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