Muslim Father And Son Viciously Attacked In Nottingham

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Since the Brexit campaign succeeded, hate crime against minorities in Britain has increased massively. The UK chief of Police said that hate crime reports had increased by 500%, since Brexit.

Mr. Owais Mohyuddin (son) was in his house, sitting in his living room, all of a sudden he heard loud cry from his father. As he ran outside he saw nearly a dozen white males surrounding his father, shouting racist abuse at his father and holding weapons in their hands.

Owais did what could to defend his father and grabbed the nearest thing to him. In turn ran and defended his father, during that he was attacked and bloodied.

Here is Mr. Owais’s account of what happened:

Last night my father and I were victims of a hate crime right outside our very own doorstep.
After returning home from work at around 7 pm it hadn’t even been 10 mins that I had got in and whilst sat in my living room heard the distressing screams of my father shouting my name.

I quickly proceeded towards my front window and looked outside and found my father surrounded by 7 or 8 young white males between the age of 17 – 25 whilst stood next to my fathers car. Some of whom were holding weapons screaming racist abuse at my father who was trying his best to defend himself from the attacks.

I quickly grabbed the nearest thing within arms reach (which happened to be a cricket bat) and swiftly ran outside giving chase to these individuals who scattered in all directions. After gaining on one of the main aggressors and culprits I had the opportunity to either pulverise this man with my cricket bat or to let him go.

Being in a state of fasting I decided on the latter and before I knew it had a brick thrown at my head and a man waving a garden spade in my face which struck me in the side of my head and decided to pursue the man further who ran into an alleyway.

By this time crowds had gathered and people where looking on in shock at the distressing attacks in broad daylight. I decided to head back towards my house and discovered blood running down the side of my neck all over my T-shirt from a deep laceration in the side of my head. To find the same man and group of people gathering behind me with weapons in hand I decided to confront them again causing the group to scatter around me. By which time my brother had also arrived.

My neighbour having caught wind of what was going on came out also and grabbed me and encouraged me to head back to my house. After which the police arrived and arrested one of the attackers.

By this time my father had explained that he was driving home from the barbers after which he approached a zebra crossing around the corner from my house to which he found the group of youths repetitively kicking a football with full power at his newly purchased car around a dozen times. Whilst my dad stopped the car to confront them for what they were doing he only faced further abuse and aggressive confrontation and racist comments.
My father decided to get back in the car and continue driving after which the males followed my father to our house which led to this abusive, racist altercation.

Hate crime is real, racist people do exist and the number of these crimes that I am a firsthand witness and victim of I can see has only risen dramatically in recent days.

If anyone has been a victim of hate crime, please call your nearest Police station and report it.

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