FBI Foils Supremacist Plot To Start ‘Race War’ By Shooting/Bombing Up Synagogues And Black Churches

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Charles Halderman, suspect in Virginia bombing plot

Charles Halderman, suspect in Virginia bombing plot — (WTVR-screenshot)


FBI agents in Virginia have arrested three men who are alleged to have been plotting to repeat the efforts of Charleston mass shooter Dylann Roof and massacre worshipers at black churches and jewish synagogues for the express purpose—like the reported goal of Roof—of starting  violent ‘race war’ across the nation.

Via Rawstory.

According to court documents, the FBI claims that Robert Doyle, Ronald Beasley Chaney and Charles Halderman were planning the shooting sprees in addition to plotting to kill a local jewelry dealer, rob an armored car, and kill and rob an Oklahoma gun dealer.

Agents say the trio were going to use the proceeds from their robberies to purchase property and weapons so they could begin training for the race war.

Video from WTVR News

Source: Daily Kos

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