George Zimmerman Is Painting And Selling Confederate Flags For Gun Shop

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Nothing says, I didn’t murder an unarmed black teenager named Trayvon Martin because I’m a cowardly racist asshole, like painting confederate flags for another racist gun shop owner. That’s what America’s living piece of human sludge George Zimmerman is up to.

The owner of a Central Florida gun shop that recently declared itself a “Muslim-free zone” announced that he is teaming up with another Floridian, George Zimmerman, to raise funds for both of their legal bills by selling prints of Zimmerman’s painting of a Confederate flag.In a newly posted 10-minute “mini-documentary” about the burgeoning friendship between Zimmerman and Florida Gun Supply owner Andy Hallinan, the pair discussed how they believe “the media twists the truth” about them and argued that the Confederate flag must be defended by Americans against a “cultural cleansing” campaign waged by the media and the political elite.

If you don’t know who Andy Hallinan is, lucky you! He’s part of a growing waste of the human genome that’s decided, based on totally not racist thinking, that Muslim’s and people that look Muslimy to these dummies, can’t come into their gun store places.

Florida Gun Supply is one of a growing number of U.S. gun shops and clubs to have banned Muslims from shooting in recent months. Jan Morgan, the owner of Gun Cave Shooting in Hot Springs, Ark., announced last year that her range was “Muslim-free,” a declaration that brought national attention to her business after an anonymous father and son of South Asian descent accused her of discriminating against them.

Those two “Muslims” were Hindus. Asshat.

After the deadly shooting last month at a military recruiting station and a reserve center in Chattanooga, Tenn., another gun business in Oklahoma also declared that it will not let Muslims train at its range. “I didn’t want any terrorists, or Muslims, cult, whatever you want to call them, training on my gun range,” Chad Neal, owner of Save Yourself Survival and Tactical Gear, told the Religion News Service. “There is a military recruiting station in the mall in Muskogee, and I thought this was one thing I could do to help protect our local soldiers.”

If he doesn’t want cult folk in his establishment he should consider a new line of work since most cult-types seem to love stockpiling weapons.

Well, George “I’m a coward and a loser and a shitty artist” Zimmerman continues to hold onto a persecution complex since deep down inside he probably believes he is going to burn in hell for murdering a young man.

In the new Florida video, Hallinan said Zimmerman called “shortly after I published my ‘Muslim-free’ zone video, to support me.” Hallinan added that his “friend” also called to “warn me about how the media was going to portray me.” The two men believe they are fighting on the same side in a battle pitting “patriots” against “evil,” with the winner gaining control over America’s future.

They say misery loves company. Hallinan goes on to say you can’t equate everyone who flies the Confederate flag with being a racist.

I can.

Source: Dailykos

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