Teenager Beaten In Racist Attack Outside Coventry Mosque

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The Coventry Telegraph reports on the violent assault and racial abuse suffered by a Muslim teenager as he left a Coventry mosque on Sunday following the late evening prayers.

The police have launched an investigation after the 18-year-old, who wishes to remain anonymous, was attacked between 11:45pm and midnight after leaving the mosque on Eagle Street, Foleshill.

The teenager received a black eye during the assault but escaped before he suffered any other serious injuries. It is believed his attackers may also have targeted the nearby Masjid-e-Zeenat-ul Islam mosque, in Stoney Stanton Road throwing stones at its windows before attacking the teenager.

The teenager’s father, Qudir Hussain, 45, said he was sure that his son’s attackers were motivated by race. He said: “I’m really angry. They went from one place to the other, they were clearly looking for trouble. Apparently they were throwing things at the windows and shouting out racist abuse. My son has a black eye. I did tell him to be careful and that he maybe shouldn’t go out.”

The attack occurred shortly after the teenager became separated from friends after leaving the mosque following prayers. He was approached by four men who called him a “P***” before attacking him from behind.

The Coventry Telegraph reports the men are believed to have been travelling in a dark coloured Toyota.

Mr Hussain claimed that his son’s attackers threatened to violently attack him before the assault took place.

He said: “They threatened him. They said they will cut him up, chop him into little bits. He wasn’t looking for trouble, it came to him. I just want everyone to be aware that this sort of thing is going on.”

While the area outside the mosque and surrounding roads are covered by CCTV, door to door inquiries were being conducted by police yesterday.

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