Displaced CAR Muslims In Dire Straits

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DTT comment: Christian Taliban in CAR have been massacring Muslims in the 1000s. Innocent  men, women, children and babies have been slaughtered by these Christian terrorists. Why has the world abandoned the cries of the innocent? Are they not worth mentioning in the media? Is it because they proclaim to believe in Islam that no one cares to highlight them in the News Stations?

By Azad Essa – AlJazeera.com

UNHCR says hundreds of people trapped in Yaloke town risk death if they are not evacuated to safety urgently.

The UN says living conditions for the Peuhl Muslims are deteriorating by the day [UNHCR]

At least 470 Muslims from the Peuhl ethnic minority, trapped for several months in the Central African Republic town of Yaloke, around 200km from capital Bangui, need to be relocated as a matter of urgency, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has said.

Dalia al-Achi, public information officer for the UNHCR in Bangui, told Al Jazeera on Tuesday that the group, who had initially fled a series of towns in February 2014, were growing desperate as living conditions worsened. She said the group required urgent humanitarian assistance and needed to be relocated to another part of CAR or perhaps to neighbouring Cameroon or Chad.

“It is quite simple: it is now about life or death. Are we going to watch them die, or are we going to take heed to what they are saying and try to save them,” al-Achi said.

More than 700 Peuhl Muslims escaped the towns of Bouaca, Boboua, Bolemba, Boda last February, after anti-Balaka fighters, mostly made up of Christian vigilantes, started targeting them.

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