Release: A Critical Analysis of Jay Smith’s Mistakes About the Qur’an

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A Critical Analysis of Jay Smith’s Mistakes About the Qur’an

Calling Christians

Alhamdulillah, the paper is complete and can now both be viewed, and downloaded via Scribd:

Question and Answer:

  1. Did you write this all by yourself?

    Yes, I did. However along the way I had several brothers read it, authenticate my arguments, proof read it, criticise it, give suggestions, validate quotes, etc. This included Br. Waqar Cheema and Br. Ahmed Shaker.

  2. Were you asked to do this refutation?

    No, I was not asked to do this. I decided to do it after watching the debate and being annoyed at Jay’s dishonesty.

  3. Do you have Dan’s unpublished thesis?

    Yes, I do.

  4. Were you paid to produce this work?

    I was not paid for this work.

  5. How many words is this paper?

    The paper has 23, 908 words. It consists of 53 pages.

  6. Are you going to charge a fee for the paper?

    No, that has not crossed my mind and I don’t…

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