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In a world where Islamic beliefs and practices have endured constant barrages of ideological and bigoted attacks, it is not surprising that many Muslims may feel it is difficult to respond to such short-sightedness. Orientalists and Christian missionaries have contributed greatly to further add confusion around Islam and its adherents. That’s where our website comes in. Welcome to Discover The Truth, a resource which is dedicated to providing constructive responses and refutations against Islamophobes.

We run on the Qur’anic motto of inviting people to our truthful religion with wisdom and fair preaching. Today, Islam is surrounded by many untrue accusations and misconceptions surrounding its adherents, beliefs and much more. It is with this situation that we provide readers with articles, blog posts and resources about various topics which have been hijacked by Islamophobes.

For Muslims, it is intended to be a resource to better equip them with proper sources from the Qur’an and authentic Hadith (as well as scholarly works) when faced with accusations by Islamophobes or bigoted missionaries. Additionally, we invite non-Muslims to explore our website to gain a better understanding about Islam and Muslims without sensationalist untruths. We also offer research on comparative religion, examining other faiths such as Christianity, as well as exploring non-orthodox movements such as the Hadith-rejecting modernist Qur’anists.

The authors who contribute to this website are the following people:

Kaleef K. Karim

Q Mark

Faith Rehearsed

If you have any queries, comments or feedback, then do not hesitate to contact us via Facebook or Twitter, or email us at, discoverthetruth@hotmail.co.uk

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Enjoy the website as a source of research and education!

DTT Team

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  1. This site as I place to find truth about Islam or a place to find propaganda defending Islam? I think the latter is the truth.

  2. How can we contact with you ? do you have an email ?

  3. Jazakalllahu khayr for all brothers in this great site for the service of Islam. Fi imanillah

  4. Solid – solid work mashaAllah!

  5. Asalam o Alikum Brother, you are doing a very noble and good job mashALLAH, May ALLAH ALmighty give you strength to continue this noble work. Few days back i was looking for Quranic verses and when i looked at the comments below it was really bad. People were misinterpreting the verses of Holy Quraan and the Saying of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). I wanted to answer them and wanted to clarify them that Islam is a religion of peace but what you are doing here is a very great job. May ALLAH reward you for this. I am really happy to see this website. JazakALLAH

  6. Dear Brother Karim,
    Do you have a downloadable version of your website?
    So that we can browse your articles while in the offline mode.

  7. Apologise me if I looked over it, but I do not seem to find a way to subscribe for getting updates of your published articles. It would be nice if such tool would be provided so that we automatically can see when a new article is published, enabling us to read more of your writings at a regular base.

  8. As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    It would be very beneficial if you guys can include your education in this section. Keep up the good work and may Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala reward you for all the good you have done in the name of Islam.

  9. I am preparing a commentary on Qur’anic Deviations from the Torah and New Testament. Let me know if you are interested in seeing it:

  10. Hi you people!. I don’t know how you will handle this because it has become long, but you have inspired me to write it so it is dedicated to you and your effort, work on ‘Discover The Truth’.
    Have just discover your site, haven’t going around a lot but enough to already discover that you refer to European Christians as a hole, without distinguishing east and west, and this is not a good sign for consistency by someone who searches and claims the truth, so please accept the following text with all my sincere good willing and interest, from another truth seeker.
    Having undistinguished Christianity both as history and as containing message is like saying that there is no distinguishing characteristics between a Chinese and an afroAmerican. Since you examine truth from another perspective than Christian point of view, you should be avoiding a serious trap. So please accept my brief description in my poor English just as tending to the ‘real’ picture concerning reasons and the history of christianity, because as you are about to find out it is interesting but also because, as you know, history is written by the winners! At the same time this might give the reader an explanation on, why Muslims say that they might have few chances to find common sense with eastern Christians but no way with westerners. All though recent decades western scholars research thoroughly Orthodox Christianity, the ‘original’ mesanger of Christianity, on their effort to find an exit on western world’s dead end, westerners have specific reasons to put aside Orthodoxy mostly because of the truth hidden behind their historical quilt. The reason is that on specific historical periods the central-north European barbaric ‘second son’ who was left with nothing (because the first son was taking everything), had nothing to loose, and probably much to gain by his participation in one of the “specific reason” crusades, targeting the riches of Byzantine Empire -the sequential, continuators of the Greek era. (Every single old cathedral in Europe owns something that was stolen from Constantinople). But let’s see what conects Greeks with christianinty. The Greek civilization era lasted more than 1000 years, long after its pick came to its crisis and in order to get over it they have adopted – created Christianity. If it was not for the Greek world, expanded all the soroundings from eastern and central Mediterranean (and not only), Christianity would possibly not exist today. It was spread among the Greeks, and then to the rest of the world. (Someone might say to the Romans but Romans were already submitted to the Greek culture). So, Greeks have constracted another civilization that lasted more than 1000 years, the Byzantine Empire, as a successful result of over-passing their humanistic crisis, by having transformed the ancient ‘individual’ human in to a ‘person’, witch is a complete different concept, and at the time –most importantly- that the rst of Europe was going through their ‘dark ages’! The problem began when the Latin’s (Catholic’s or Papist’s), for reasons of power, came in to separatism, mainly for two reasons: They wanted to rule all of Christianity and/but at the same time they have changed the real message (changed the concept) in an effort to submit their north threat, that is the Germanic tribes. So by switching the message means they have tried to bring it closer to the believs of Germanic tribes, who were already influenced by the Arianism or Aryanism teachings. The Christian mater became actually politics in west Europe, resullting the Papists to burn magicians and eventually Protestantism, with Martin Luther translating the Bible from the Greek language.
    Hope to have managed to make sense and to make a point why it is important, if not necessary, this distinguishing and hope that you take it as it is meant only the a step to the true. Consider your selves lucky to have heard so much in so litle space; wished some one would do the same to me in order to fill my gaps on Islam. Though, for me, there is only One God for all humans, and the contrary teaching has only one scope and that is division of the masses, so to minimize the risk of the elites! 43 of the own half of worlds riches!!
    Stay well and enlighten

  11. I enjoyed the article on Matthew 28:19, and agree, that the current interpretations in the modern bibles don’t make sense. But as a Muslim, do you believe in Jesus as God? Do you baptize in the name of Yeshua (Jesus)? I don’t agree that without the Greeks, Christianity would not have spread, because it was already spreading like it did in the 1st and 2nd centuries. Christianity was perverted to use as a method to control people, but the purity of the Word of God will not be voided by evil intentions. Still I am curious to know what you believe.

    • Hi Deborah. Thank you for comment. As a Muslim, I don’t believe that Jesus is God. The Bible (New Testament) nowhere alludes to Jesus being “God”. The New Testament testifies that Jesus (on whom be peace) came as previous Prophets and Messengers to bring people to the true Worship. Worshipping God Almighty Alone. Taking people away from polytheism and back to the Belief that there is One God whom all Praise and Worship.

      • I am a Christian, but not Trinitarian. God is one, but I do believe that God provided a name for salvation which is Jesus Christ. What I do think is that the 3 identities given as distinct is not true. These are just titles. If I put a title on a check or contract, no one would consider that contract valid. Trinitarian beliefs are contradictory and confusing.



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