There Is No ‘Muslim Campaign’ To Ban Peppa Pig

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In the below video a man named Zayn Sheikh says that the cartoon Peppa Pig is “haram”, because as Muslims we’re forbidden from eating pork.

If it wasn’t clear for some people, the video was a parody, uploaded by an account called British Muslim Comedy & it came with a disclaimer,

“DISCLAIMER [sic]: This video is obviously a parody. I have NOT made the page ‘Muslims Against Peppa Pig’ or any other Facebook pages of the sort. For those of you who have got offended; don’t reproduce. This country’s possible future downfall is 1 million times more likely be down to the rapid multiplication of the mentally deficient like you who have failed to spot the satire rather than immigrants who have been unlucky in the accident of birth and have since then decided to move here for better prospects (just like you would in their shoes).”

In a second video, the comedian Zayn Sheikh behind the original video said he was worried that so many websites had fallen for what was meant to be a joke.

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