British Lord: US Should Ban Portions Of Koran, Jail Anyone Who Reads Them Aloud

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By David Ferguson –

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itain’s Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, a politician and globe-trotting climate-change denier, has called upon the United States to outlaw certain parts of the Islamic holy book the Koran and to make reading them aloud illegal.

Right Wing Watch reported on Monckton’s latest column for conspiracy website and “Birther” hub World Net Daily, in which the former advisor to England’s former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher urged the U.S. Congress to outlaw passages of the Koran as incitement to murder.

“Nearly all acts of terrorism perpetrated throughout the world in the past quarter of a century were carried out by Muslims in the name of Allah,” Monckton falsely claimed, omitting acts of terror by U.S. right-wing militia and the ongoing campaign of brutal violence being waged by Mexican drug cartels

“Why?” Monckton asked. “One does not need to look any further than their “holy” book, the [Koran].”

“Craven public authorities have failed to act against the circulation of the [Koran] in its present form because they fear a violent backlash,” Monckton.

But, he said, anti-Islamists should not shrink from banning the portions of the Koran that call for violence against nonbelievers. The rights of free speech, he said, are outweighed by the need to stop incitement.

“A bill should be brought before Congress identifying all passages in the [Koran] which, whether in isolation or taken together, constitute incitement to murder,” Monckton proposed.

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  1. This is what they call it western “Democracy”….

  2. That is unfair, we need equal protection from religious, racist, sexist hate speech. There is immoral hate speech in the Jewish Torah/Talmud, the Christian Bible, and the Islamic Quran. They should all be equally banned and charged with perjury, coercion, and collusion to commit religious/racial/ethnic jihad/genocide because of their immoral and false claims of having the words of our Creator.

    Our true Creator, the Singularity, would be rolling over in Her grave over this vicious cycle of arrogance, if She was aware.

  3. He is just one of the numerous victims of Islamophobia brainwash.

    No verse of the Qur’an read in textual and historical contexts sanctions any violence other than legitimate defence against attacks.

  4. The Bible, Talmud, Quran, & Hadith all contain disgusting hate speech which is not just “defensive” as another poster claimed. Hate speech against other religions and races, hate speech against women and hate speech against Gays. They clearly support violence, torture, slavery and rape. I do not support the banning of books or curtailment of free speech, however the free speech of those of us who wish to criticise religions are constantly curtailed. So if we are going to start banning literature which criticises religion on the grounds it is hate speech (and this is already happening in Britain) why not start with the books that the most violent, war- mongering, women hating, slave-taking rapists say they are using as their manual, then we can deal with the others which have been used as a manual in the past or may be used in the future if the wrong people get enough power.


  1. British Lord: US Should Ban Portions Of Koran, Jail Anyone Who Reads Them Aloud | The Ugly Truth

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