The Man Who Attacked Two Muslim Women In Hate Crime Has 34 Prior Convictions: DA

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DTT: The rise of hate against the Muslim community keeps rising every single year. It is up to those in power and the rest of the community to confront such hate. There is not a day that does not go by where a Muslim woman or a man is not attacked by racists and neo-Nazis. The hate that is perpetuated in the media and far-right groups needs to be taken seriously.

A 45-year-old man by the name of Brian Boshell is suspected of assaulting two Hijabi Muslim women.


By Oren Yaniv –

 Brian Boshell, 45, was arraigned Friday in Brooklyn Criminal Court for attempted assault as a hate crime after he allegedly threw a garbage can at two Muslim women.

Brian Boshell, 45, said he was drunk when he attacked two women outside a Muslim organization, a source told the Daily News.The bigoted Brooklyn man accused of attacking two women who work at an Arab American group is a drunkard with a long record of petty crimes, prosecutors said Friday.Brian Boshell, 45, was arraigned for attempted assault as a hate crime and a slew of other counts for the Wednesday aggression against Linda Sarsour, director of the Arab American Association of New York, and her deputy director Kayla Santosuosso.He was sleeping on the street in Bay Ridge, blocking their organization’s entryway when the two women stepped out — and the defendants allegedly went off.

“I am going to cut your heads off like your people did to us,” he yelled out before calling the woman a derogatory term in Arabic, according to court papers.

After hurling more obscenity-laced threats, Boshell chased them and tossed a garbage can that almost hit the women before walking away, the criminal complaint alleged.

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