Ferguson Store Owner Says He Doesn’t Believe That’s Mike Brown On Surveillance Video

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Although this website is dedicated to answering claims against Islam. I thought it would be important for our visitors to read the following article, on the tragic shooting of 18 year old, Mike Brown. There is enough lies been spread on the kid. He did not deserve to be killed. Sadly, this is an everyday thing in America, where African American kids get killed by Police. Racism is alive and well in ‘Murica’…

“In fact, while the owners are speaking out through an attorney about the surveillance video, the mainstream, corporate media are largely ignoring everything they said, pretending that this video definitively identifies Michael Brown as the strong arm shoplifter.”

Click on the following link for the full article,

I recommend everyone read the following article aswell – HuffingtonPost “When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victims”

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