‘Islamic finance is an area that has seen explosive growth’

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In today’s changing global economic, financial and business environment, Islamic finance is an area that has seen explosive growth. This growth has not only been due to the impressive stability that Islamic financial institutions displayed during the financial crisis but also because of the critical mass they have attained (with assets now exceeding 1.7 trillion dollars).

Islamic banks provide unique financial services that cater to the needs of a growing segment of investors and credit seekers in many parts of the world. This has meant increasing internationalisation of Islamic banks striving to break out of their home markets and gain footholds in more competitive and bigger financial markets.

The growth of Islamic finance, however, has its own challenges. Confined essentially to their home markets for decades, and playing largely their ‘Islamic’ card, many Islamic banks have become complacent. In order to enter competitive new markets, Islamic banks need to shrug off this complacency and develop new ways of understanding both these markets and their own capabilities.

Accordingly, this two-day programme seeks to expose participants to the essential dynamics of competing in the Islamic finance environment. During the programme participants will learn how to take a structured and strategic approach to understanding competitive dynamics in Islamic finance and banking, and identify the myriad business opportunities and challenges that lie in this field. Through case studies and contemporary examples, they will learn about the drivers of more effective corporate leadership environments and strategies in this sphere.

The programme is meant for anyone who wishes to understand the potential of Islamic finance, the rapidly changing competitive space and the vast opportunities that it offers to create business models as well as a much more stable financial system.


  • An introduction to Islamic economics: the fundamentals, mechanism and dynamic model of the Islamic financial system
  • Complementing conventional product profiles
  • Risk assessment in Islamic finance: measuring the implication of risk and reward
  • Selecting the right business model in Islamic banking: balancing profits and social needs
  • Financial catalysts and determinants of success in Islamic finance
  • Innovation and differentiation as a competitive advantage in Islamic finance
  • Expanding the scope of Islamic finance: a future course of action

University of Cambridge Judge Business School

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