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French Mayor Wants To Ban Islam

DTT: This is secularism for you. Secularism supposed to be the idea to treat all citizens equal. No discrimination against anyone. A politician in France been tweeting wanting to ban Islam. He also stated that those Muslims who want to practice the faith should be deported. By Anadolu Agency Robert Chardon, the mayor of a… Read More ›

Liverpool FC Fans Reject Anti-Muslim Bigotry

  The Liverpool Echo and Daily Mirror report on the challenge by supporters of Liverpool Football Club to a fan who posted a picture of two Muslims praying at Anfield during half time with the hashtag #disgrace. Stephen Dodd posted the picture taken at Liverpool’s match against Blackburn Rovers on Sunday on his twitter account… Read More ›

Canadian Defense Minister Tweets Hoax Photos From Anti-Muslim Hate Sites

By Ali Abunimah / Electronic Intifada Muslims in Canada have strongly condemned their country’s defense minister for tweeting hoax photographs purporting to depict enslavement and oppression of women and girls by Muslim men. This comes amid accusations that the government is deliberately stoking anti-Muslim sentiment in the country. The National Council of Canadian Muslims said… Read More ›

That ‘Atheist’ Who Killed 3 Young Muslims In North Carolina…

By Leslie Salzillo On February 10, 2015, a 46-year old ‘self proclaimed’ atheist, took his gun, managed his way into his neighbor’s home, and shot them to death. Craig Stephen Hicks killed three innocent young Muslim students, execution-style, in Chapel Hill, then turned himself in hours later. The lives he stole were Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha,… Read More ›

Islamophobia: “Im so F###ING Angry! I Hate Pak##, I hate Muslims. Kill them all!” [ All On Twitter]

By Jessica Elgot – Huffington Post Islamophobia is “rampant” on social media and affects even the tamest online debates when Muslims attempt to engage, new research has suggested. The Birmingham City University report ‘Online Hate Against Muslims on Social Media’ said the three most common phrases used to attack Twitter users were ‘Muslim paedos’, Muslim terrorists’… Read More ›

Fox News: ’50 Shades of Blonde’

Just have a look and see how diverse Fox News is. Source: I love how diverse Fox News is ❤ http://t.co/C5HaorkrTa— Calvin (@aurosan) February 10, 2014