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Muslims To Protect Oslo Synagogue

  A group of Norwegian Muslims will be forming a circle around Oslo synagogue after the celebration of Shabat this Saturday in a solidarity gesture called the Ring of Peace. “If the Jihadists want to use violence in the name of Islam, they must go through us Muslims first,” said one of the event’s initiators…. Read More ›

Violence Outside Paris Synagogue Falsely Attributed To Anti-Semitism

By Sam Knight – Mondoweiss.net A YouTube video showing events preceding a well publicized stand off in front a Paris synagogue that shows the violent encounter was provoked by members of the Jewish Defense League. From multiple expulsions in the Medieval era to L’Affaire Dreyfuss and Vichy collaborationism, French Jews have every reason to be wary of… Read More ›

Jews can pray in Mosque, Rabbi rules

By Dr. Ruchama Weiss ▪ Rabbi Levi Brackman ynetnews.com In response to concerned traveler who feels he can’t concentrate on prayers at airport, Rabbi Efrati says ‘best option’ is to go to Muslim house of prayer “It would be better to pray in a mosque and do so with meaning and after the sun rises, rather than… Read More ›

Muslim developer to rebuild old Ground Zero synagogue

El-Gamal’s had also been hired to build the Islamic center in 2010, but has now undertaken the mission of rebuilding the 83-year-old Jewish synagoge, after buying the building with his partner, Murray Hill Properties, for about $61.5 million from Parsons the New School for Design. World Bulletin / News Desk After a bid to build… Read More ›