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“The Sword Verse”: Surah 9:13 – 24

Background Continuing from previously where we explained Quran 9:5 (‘sword verse’) in its historical context. Now we move on to the remaining verses which are related to the same event. As we explained before (see here: ‘An Historical Examination Of The Sword Verse – Surah 9:5’), the Muslims signed a peace treaty with the Quraysh… Read More ›

An Historical Examination Of The Sword Verse – Surah 9:5

Kaleef K. Karim This article seeks to examine chapter 9, verse 5 of the Quran in its historical context. Some claim that the verse ‘sanctions the killing of innocent people’, and this is how it was implemented by Prophet Mohammed (p). We shall respond to these claims in this piece. The verse (9:5) is one… Read More ›

Revisiting Quran 9:29 – Tabuk

Kaleef K. Karim Previously I wrote on Quran 9:29, you can read it here. As I examined the passage in its historical context, using early Muslim sources, it was evident that the aggressors were the Byzantine (Roman) Empire who had mobilised troops in order to exterminate the Muslim community in Arabia. The fighting that is… Read More ›

Examining Quran 9:29 – Does Islam Sanction The Killing Of Christians & Jews?

Kaleef K. Karim The answer is no! This verse (Q. 9:29) is by far the most problematic I have come across when reading the Quran. I say it’s ‘problematic’ because this verse is the only one that I know of which does not give context. When looking at any other verses in the Quran, reading… Read More ›