Unnamed Muslim Woman Tortured By Quraysh Idolaters

Kaleef K. Karim In Makkah, a unnamed Muslim woman was tortured  for being accused of stealing. The polytheists even touched and searched her private parts: Narrated `Aisha: A black lady slave of some of the Arabs embraced Islam and she had a hut in the mosque. She used to visit us and talk to us,… Read More ›

Expedition Against Kurz B. Jabir Al-Fihri

Persecuting, killing, and stealing the wealth from Muslims in Mecca did not satisfy these Quraysh polytheists to leave Muslims alone when they fled to Madina. They continued their devilish plots against the Muslims even after the Muslims immigrated to Medina for safe haven. As we have pointed out before, as soon as the small Muslim… Read More ›